Open Access Lab

Software Request Guidelines

Requirements for Software Installation

Submit request six weeks before the software is needed for class.
Software must be compatible with Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.12.
Provide the same number of license agreements that you plan on running in the labs.
  Ex: For 50 concurrent licenses, provide 50 license agreements.
There can be no limitations on server installations.
Licenses need to be for the Open Access Labs and not shared with any department.
The Open Access Labs are responsible for adhering to copyright laws for installed software. We reserve the right to refuse software requests for security reasons. Any software found to violate laws regulating the distribution and use of software will be removed. Please ask your vendor about concurrency and software metering when you are planning a purchase.
Software installation requests meeting the above requirements will be installed in all of the Open Access Labs. Limitations on concurrent usage will be implemented to observe license restrictions.

Request to Install Software in Open Access Labs