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Over 2,000 workstations (PCs and Macs), numerous scanners and color and black-and-white printers are available to all registered students. Labs are available up to 24 hours a day and have high speed network connections.

There are charges associated with all printing that occurs in the Open Access Labs (OAL). Each student gets a $30 print allocation each semester and $15 for the summer semester. Once the allocation is used, students must add money to their account to continue printing. To add money, visit https://print.tamu.edu

The current print rates are:


Type of Print

Cost per Sheet

Black and White, Letter, Single-Sided

$0.07 per sheet

Black and White, Letter, Double-Sided

$0.13 per sheet

Black and White, Legal, Single-Sided

$0.09 per sheet

Black and White, Legal, Double-Sided

$0.17 per sheet

Black and White, 11x17, Single-Sided

$0.10 per sheet

Black and White, 11x17, Double-Sided

$0.19 per sheet

Color, Letter, Single-Sided

$0.15 per sheet

Color, Letter, Double-Sided

$0.29 per sheet

Color, Legal, Single-Sided

$0.16 per sheet

Color, Legal, Double-Sided

$0.31 per sheet

Color, 11x17, Single-Sided

$0.17 per sheet

Color, 11x17, Double-Sided

$0.33 per sheet

Basic Paper - Full Color

$2.75 per sq. foot

Glossy Paper - Full Color

$2.75 per sq. foot

Your current print balance will be displayed on a pop-up screen every time you print. You can also sign in to a Print Kiosk to see your print balance. Click here to see more information about kiosks.

Each student receives a $30 print allocation each semester and $15 for the summer. This allocation may be used for any type of printing including black-and-white, color, and 11 x 17 printing (both black-and-white and color) and plotter printing.
In order to print more than what is covered by the print allocation, students must add funds to their account by visiting 
https://print.tamu.edu. When a student prints something, a pop-up appears containing the cost of the current print job, their remaining account balance and an option to approve the print job. 


Students needing to print on departmental accounts must have the department setup the student with a print authorization on a departmental account. 

When a student has a departmental authorization, they may select the departmental account when releasing the job on the pharos release station.

Students needing to have print charges go to a departmental account, need to have the department email Account Services requesting the student be added to the departmental account.  Currently, this option only works on the plotter.  

OAL print allocations are automatically created for faculty. Faculty charges will be billed to and paid for by the Associate Vice President for Academic Services.

To Request a Print Refund:

First, check that your account was charged for a missing or a problematic print. Log into http://aggieprint.tamu.edu with your NetID and password and click the ''Activity'' tab.

Next, confirm that you are eligible for a print refund by checking the lists below.

We issue print refunds for:
•Printouts of poor quality due to printer malfunction
•Printouts for which you are charged, but which do not print

We do not issue print refunds for:
•Printouts of poor resolution due to file quality
•Problems due to misinformation from faculty or instructors (i.e. telling students incorrect information)
•Problems due to customer error
•Problems due to misconfigured printing options (i.e. greyscale box checked on color printouts)
•Printouts older than 3 business days at the time of the request

If you would like to request a print refund for one or more printouts that you have been charged for you will need the following:
•Your print charge information (available at http://aggieprint.tamu.edu)
•Your printout (if something printed)
•A completed online print refund request form (available at http://u.tamu.edu/PrintRefund)

Upon submission of the online print refund request form, you will receive 2 emails. The first email will be a confirmation email of your print refund request. The second email will be from TAMU IT and will contain a seven-digit reference number following the word "INC".

If you are turning in a printout, please write this reference number on your printout and submit it to one of the following locations:
•Student Computing Center, Resource Desk
•Blocker, Print Room 130A
•West Campus Library Lab, Print Room 136

Thank you for taking the time to complete the print refund request form. If you have any questions about your print refund request, you may reply to the email from TAMU IT that you received containing your seven-digit INC number.

*** Not all requests will result in a refund.***

It's as simple as "Swipe, Select, Print!"  New Print Kiosks maintained by the Open Access Labs (OAL) allow students to print in libraries and other computer labs using their semester print allocation or funds they have added to their account. Once a print job is sent from any OAL computer, students can visit a print kiosk to release their printout. 
How does it work?
Print as you normally would from any OAL computer.  When you are ready to collect your printouts, go to a Print Kiosk. You must release your printout within two hours. See Print Kiosk Locations Below
Printer Kiosk Screen
Swipe your Texas A&M ID to log in. You can also log in by entering your NetID and password if you don’t have your ID.

Swipe CardEnter Credentials
A list of your print jobs will appear.

Print Jobs
Select the print job you want to print. 
If you would like to print the entire list of print jobs, select Check All.
Check All

Then select Print.

You will see a warning screen about your print allocation. If you don't have any printouts remaining, you must add money to your account by visiting https://print.tamu.edu before you can release your print job. Select Continue. 

When you are done, select I'm Done to exit.
I'm Done

Your printouts will be sent to the printer next to the touch screen.
Kiosk and Printer
Where are the Print Kiosks located?
Academic Building Room 124
Evans Library
Evans Library Annex
Agriculture and Life Sciences Building Computer Lab
Horticulture & Forest Science Building
Bright Athletic Lab Complex
Medical Science Library
Buzbee Leadership Learning Center
Blocker Computer Lab - for releasing color printouts only
Student Computing Center - for releasing color printouts only
West Campus Library - for releasing color printouts only
Adding more locations all the time.
over 100

Q:  I tried to print one of my jobs, but an error came up and the job disappeared.  What happened?
A:  Print jobs must be less than 100 pages or 100 megabytes or else they will be deleted when you attempt to print them.  High-capacity printers in Blocker, West Campus Library and the Student Computing Center are better suited for large print jobs.

Q:  How long do my print jobs stay in the queue?
A.  Once you print to a Print Kiosk, you have two hours to release the printout. After that, the print job will be deleted.

Q:  If you delete my print job, am I charged for it?
A:  No.  You are not charged until the job is sent to the printer.


AggiePrint is a tool that allows on-the-go printing to the Open Access Labs print kiosks from smartphones, laptops and virtually any device with email capabilities. To get started, send a file you want to print to aggieprint@tamu.edu. All Texas A&M students, faculty, and staff can use AggiePrint. 

AggiePrint Locations

Mobile printing is available from anywhere. Once you submit your print job via email, you can pick up the printouts at any mobile-enabled print kiosk. You must pick up your printout within two hours of submitting it.

Not all OAL Kiosks are mobile enabled yet. The mobile print capability will continue to be added to OAL kiosks over the summer. Look for the Mobile Enabled sticker at kiosks located at:

  • Academic Building Room 124
  • Evans Library (1st Floor Reading Room)
  • Horticulture & Forest Science Building (Room 119X)
  • Memorial Student Center 1st Floor
  • Medical Science Library (EC)
  • Student Computing Center (2nd floor kiosk)
  • West Campus Library (3rd floor kiosk)
  • University Apartments Community Center (UACC)

Using AggiePrint

1)      Email a file to Aggieprint@tamu.edu with your desired print materials attached. Accepted file types include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, PDF, Images, TXT, CSV and RTF. Files must be less than 50 MB.

2)      If you’ve never sent a file from a particular email address, you will receive an email from AggiePrint with instructions on how to register your email.   If you are sending from a registered email address, you will receive an email from AggiePrint when your files are ready to be printed.

3)      Go to any mobile-enabled print kiosk on campus and release your prints. Print jobs will be stored for two hours. Note: The cost of these prints will be deducted from your TAMU print balance once you release the prints from a print kiosk. To learn more about print kiosks and their locations around campus, refer to the Print Kiosk section above.

For additional help with AggiePrint, visit: 

For additional support, please contact Help Desk Central at hdc@tamu.edu or 979.845.8300.