Open Access Lab

Staff Accounts and Temporary IDs

All staff members have a basic Open Access Labs (OAL) account, but each department can add additional resources to staff accounts including printing, drive space and personal web pages.
  • Software - Numerous software programs are installed on OAL computers for you to use, including Microsoft Office and the Adobe Suite.
  • Virtual Open Access Lab (VOAL) - The VOAL allows you to use the Windows computers, including software, of the Open Access Lab remotely.
  • Lab Locations - Over 1,300 computers (PCs and Macs), along with numerous scanners and video workstations are available in OALs.

To view the status of your OAL account:
  1. Go to Manage OAL Account.
  2. Log in with your NetID and password.
  3. Full-service account users will see CIS Computing Labs Printing and File Storage in the "Authorization" field.
  4. If you do not have a full-service account and want to print or access personal storage space, your department should contact the Identity Management Office at 979.862.4300 or

Requesting a Temporary ID 

In some cases, a temporary ID can be created for those who do not have a full-service OAL account. Requests for temporary accounts should be made at at least two working days prior to the date needed.