Open Access Lab

Account Details

To see your account details, visit Manage my OAL Account.

**To access the Manage my OAL Account you must be on campus or, from off campus, use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) or the Virtual Open Access Lab (VOAL)**

Texas A&M students and faculty have an Open Access Labs (OAL) account that provides them with the following:

Drive Storage Space

Each account is allotted 5 GB of personal storage space in their Home directory (H: drive) that is backed up regularly. The H: drive can be accessed using OAL computers in the labs, libraries and classroom computers supported by Instructional Media Services. The H: drive can also be accessed outside the computer labs using the Virtual Private Network or the Virtual Open Access Lab (VOAL). Personal, academic or web page files can be stored in the H: drive as well.

Profile Directory

Each account has a roaming profile that saves your customized settings, such as desktop background and bookmarks. When you log in to any OAL computer, your customized settings will appear. Your profile directory is stored separately from your H: drive and is set in size. If you receive an error message that mentions limited drive space, your profile directory may be too large. To fix this problem, use the Profile Repair Tool.


Color printers, black-and-white printers and plotters are available to enrolled students. Some charges may apply.


Numerous software programs are installed on OAL computers for you to use, including Microsoft Office and the Adobe Suite.

Virtual Open Access Lab (VOAL)

The VOAL allows you to use the Windows computers, including software, of the Open Access Lab remotely.

Personal web page ( allows students, faculty and authorized staff to publish a personal web page.

Lab Locations

Over 1,300 computers (PCs and Macs), along with numerous scanners and video workstations, are available in OALs.

All staff members have a basic account. Additional services, including printing, drive space and personal web pages are determined by each department. To learn more, visit Staff Accounts and Temporary IDs.