Texas A&M University

OAL Lab Details


Student Computing Center

  • Building: Student Computing Center
  • Lab Phone Number: 979.845.8306
  • Next to Evans Library, South Side Parking Garage, South Side Dorms

The Student Computing Center (SCC) Open Access Lab is located in the Student Computing & Group Study Building, next to the parking garage and the Evans Library building. This facility provides convenient computer access and classrooms to students and faculty campus wide, as well as from the Evans Library, Peterson Building, Pavilion, Heep Building, and other locations in the northeastern portion of the campus.

Aerial View

The SCC is the largest computer lab on campus and has three classrooms, as well as group study areas in the two-story facility.


The SCC information booth handles all incoming calls and can provide immediate help to some questions. If a customer requires further help, staff can direct customers to other sources of help, such as the SCC help desk.

The SCC help desk is staffed with knowledgeable student workers available to answer customer questions. When immediate solutions cannot be found, the staff will find another means of answering the question by enlisting the help of another staff member, or consulting manuals or calling Help Desk Central. If all else fails, the staff can open a Keystone customer support ticket to have the question researched until an answer is found.

The resource desk contains any peripherals needed at the SCC. These peripherals are available on a check-out basis and must be returned immediately after use. The resource desk also houses many product manuals available for check out and the color and large-format printers of the SCC. Any special printing (color, large format, printouts over 100 pages) must be signed for by the customer at the resource desk.

print room

The SCC print rooms are located on the left side of the building on both the first and second floor. All printouts are filed via their logon-IDs.

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  • Apple iMacs - 15
  • Plotter
    (photo glossy and heavyweight, up to 42 inches wide) - 1
  • PC Workstations - 556
  • Linux Workstations - 1
  • Black and White Printer (Backup) - 1
  • Color Printers - 2
  • Graphic Workstations - 5
  • Black and White Printers - 4
  • LaserGraphics Personal LFR Plus - 1
  • Digital Video Capture/Record Workstation - 5
  • Scanners - 27
  • Slide Scanner - 2
  • Gateway Wireless Laptop - 2
  • USB Floppy Drives (for IMACs) - 2