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Staffed Labs
Building: J. R. Blocker
Lab Phone Number: 979.845.8576
Location: 155 Ireland St 
The Blocker Building Open Access Lab (BLOC) is located on the first floor of the John R. Blocker Building in room 130. This building is located on the north side of campus across Ireland Street from the North Parking Garage. This facility provides convenient computer access to students and faculty from Halbouty Geosciences, the Cyclotron Building, and other programs located in the northern portion of the campus. This facility also provides two computer classrooms, in Room 129 and Room 104.
- 251 Workstations
- 3 Black and White Printers
- 1 Color Printer
- 2 Apple iMacs
- 20 Scanners

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Building: Student Computing Center
Lab Phone Number: 979.845.8306
Location: 400 Spence St 

The Student Computing Center (SCC) Open Access Lab is located in the Student Computing & Group Study Building, next to the parking garage and the Evans Library building. This facility provides convenient computer access and classrooms to students and faculty campus wide, as well as from the Evans Library, Peterson Building, Pavilion, Heep Building, and other locations in the northeastern portion of the campus.
Aerial View
The SCC is the largest computer lab on campus and has three classrooms, as well as group study areas in the two-story facility.
The SCC information booth handles all incoming calls and can provide immediate help to some questions. If a customer requires further help, staff can direct customers to other sources of help, such as the SCC help desk.
The SCC help desk is staffed with knowledgeable student workers available to answer customer questions. When immediate solutions cannot be found, the staff will find another means of answering the question by enlisting the help of another staff member, or consulting manuals or calling Help Desk Central. If all else fails, the staff can open a Keystone customer support ticket to have the question researched until an answer is found.
The resource desk contains any peripherals needed at the SCC. These peripherals are available on a check-out basis and must be returned immediately after use. The resource desk also houses many product manuals available for check out and the color and large-format printers of the SCC. Any special printing (color, large format, printouts over 100 pages) must be signed for by the customer at the resource desk.
print room
The SCC print rooms are located on the left side of the building on both the first and second floor. All printouts are filed via their logon-IDs.

- 18 Apple iMacs
- Plotter (photo glossy and heavyweight, up to 42 inches wide)
- 492 Workstations
- 3 Super Computer Workstations
- 2 Color Printers
- 4 Graphic Workstations (Digital Video Capture/Record)
- 5 Black and White Printers (1st Floor)
- 2 Black and White Printers (2nd Floor)
- 1 LaserGraphics Personal LFR Plus
- 5 Digital Video Capture/Record Workstation
- 27 Scanners
- 1 Large Format Scanner

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Building: Business Library & Collaboration Commons (BLCC)
Lab Phone Number: 979.862.1159
Location: 214 Olsen Bl 

Located on the Texas A&M University West Campus, the Business Library & Collaboration Commons (BLCC) provides computer access for Students and Faculty in the BLCC itself, the Bio-Bio Building, the Wehner Building, and the Medical Sciences Library.
This facility also provides a 41-computer classroom, equipped with a Proxima DPS-5640 Projector.

- 292 Workstations
- 5 Black and White Printers
- 1 Color Printer
- 13 Apple iMacs
- 19 Scanners 

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OAL Supported Labs
Building Name: Academic Building (0462)
Location: 377 Houston St. 

- Black and White Printing (Room 124)

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Building Name: Langford Architecture Center Building A (0398)
Location: 798 Ross St

- 8 General Workstations (Room 212)
- 6 Projector/Podium Machines (Rooms 303, 303, 346, 348, 402, 403)
- Multi-Function Printing (212, 347, 4th Floor near elevator, outside 122)

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Building Name: Cushing Library (0468) – Part of Evans Library
Location: 400 Spence St., facing Academic Building

- 2 Workstations (Room 214)

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Building Name: Evans Library (0468)
Location: 400 Spence St.

- Approximately 180 General Workstations (Several Rooms and Study Rooms)
- 6 B&W Printers (Rooms 101, 110, 111, 210, 401)
- 1 Color Printer (first floor, near AskUs Desk)
- Multiple Collaborative Workspaces (Media and Reserves, various Study Rooms)

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Building Name: Francis Hall (0476)
Location: 574 Ross St.

- 3 Multi-Function Printers (Room 103, 105 in Hallway, 204 in Hallway)
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Building Name: Harrington Education Center Classroom Building (0438)
Location: 544 Ross St.

- 1 B&W Printer (Room 718)

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Building Name: Liberal Arts and Arts & Humanities Building (0275)
Location: 399 Spence St.

- 1 B&W Printer (Room 265)

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Building Name: Library Annex (0468) – Part of Evans Library
Location: 400 Spence St.

- Approximately170 General Workstations (Several Rooms and Study Rooms)
- 3 B&W Printers (409, 501, 601)

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Building Name: Memorial Student Center (0454)
Location: 275 Joe Routt Blvd.

- 16 General Workstations
- 2 B&W Printers (Room 1305)

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Building Name: Psychology Building (0463)
Location: 515 Coke St.

- 1 B&W Printer (Foyer, Near Room 233)

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Building Name: Teague (0445)
Location: 735 Lamar St.

- 16 General Workstations (Room B013)

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Building Name: Thompson Hall
Location: 510 Ross St.

- 1 B&W Printer (Room 107)

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Building Name: Hullabaloo Hall (1416)
Location: 306 University Drive W.

- 16 Workstations (Room 126)
- 1 B&W Printer (Room 126)

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Building Name: University Apartments Community Center (3198)
Location: 250 Calvin Moore Av.

- 5 General Workstations (Room 118)
- 1 B&W Printer (Room 118)

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Building Name: H. Grady Ash, Jr. ’58 LLC
Location: 693 Military Mall (1403)

- 39 General Workstations (304, 313)
- 2 B&W Printers (304, 313)

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Building Name: ASH II LLC
Location: 621 Military Mall (1405)

- 16 General Workstations (309)
- 1 B&W Printers (309)

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Building Name: Bright Football Complex (0361)
Location: 878 Houston St.

- 77 General Workstations (Rooms 256, 259, 262, 263, 264, 265, 267, 275)
- 2 B&W Printers (Room 275, Hallway outside 259)

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Building Name: Buzbee Leadership Learning Center
Location: 682 Military Mall (1402)

- 33 Machines (Rooms 301, 312)
- 2 B&W Printers (Rooms 301, 312)

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Building Name: John J. Koldus Building (0383)
Location: 400 Joe Routt Bl

- 14 General Workstations (Rooms 112C and 128)
- 1 B&W Printer (Room 128)

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Building Name: Plank LLC (1404)
Location: 622 Military Mall

- 16 General Workstations (Room 316)
- 1 B&W Printer (Room 316)

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Building: Horticulture & Forest Science (1506)
Location: 495 Horticulture Rd 

16 General Workstations (Room 119)
1 B&W Printer (Room 119)

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Building: White Creek Aparments
Location: 225 Discovery Drive

4 General Workstations
1 B&W Printer

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